Dufry company has struck a seven-year extension to its duty free contract at St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport


Dufry has struck a seven-year extension to its duty free contract at St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport, where it manages 3,100sq m of space.

Dufry will redevelop the departures shops, led by a refurbishment of the 1,900sq m walk-through concept. This will connect the duty free store and the central lounge area of the terminal. A new speciality store area with 13 shops across 1,100sq m will house global brands as well a refined selection of local brands and souvenirs in the Spirit of St. Petersburg destination store. The concession also includes a 100 sq m last-minute shop.


Dufry CEO Operations Eugenio Andrades said: “We have operated the Pulkovo concession since 2014 and this renewal in cooperation with our RegStaer partners is a significant step to strengthen our footprint in the important Russian market as a solid and experienced operator.

“I would like to thank Pulkovo Airport for the renewed partnership and trust, which we will honour with a further enhancement of the retail space offering passengers a breathtaking shopping experience. This will also include our latest best practices in digital technology and customer engagement services.”

Northern Capital Gateway CEO Leonid Sergeev said: “The cooperation between Pulkovo Airport and Dufry has proved its effectiveness over many years. Our common priorities are providing quality services, creating a comfortable atmosphere and of course a first-class shopping experience before the flight.

“Extension of the contract with Dufry and renovation of the sales area by the operator will guarantee a high quality of travel for our passengers. I would like to thank Dufry for its contribution to the development of Pulkovo Airport and the introduction of advanced technologies that allow our passengers to shop easily and enjoyably.”

Pulkovo Airport served 19.6 million passengers in 2019, and is the gateway to the most visited city in Russia by tourists.