Goals and objectives

Our goals:

  • Improve of legal regulations in Duty Free and Travel Retail in the territory of EEU through effective dialogue of business community and official bodies.
  • Form a new positive image of Russian producers of goods and services
  • Promote the national goods and services in the duty free shops.
  • Form a positive image of Russian Duty Free & Travel Retail on international level.

Our objectives:

  • Represent interests of Association members through direct and effective cooperation with industry regulators and landlords.
  • Provide direct access of Association members to the regulators of the Duty Free & Travel Retail and landlords.
  • Attract competence and expert resources for the best implementation of Association members interests.
  • Monitoring, analysis and information of Association members on pending legislative initiatives in Duty Free & Travel Retail.
  • Represent the interests of Association members on international level.